WORKLOG-12015-01-15 14:29:594.0000tomasz.szmandra@iapps-technologies.comFix problem with SSO. Customer changed SOAP server to Apache CXF and we need update our code for it.
WORKLOG-12015-03-26 Christian Sauding zur Motor Revue App: scheinbar gibt es ein Problem mit der aktuellen Ausgabe der Motor Revue: Ab Seite 40 werden die Seiten falsch dargestellt bzw. verschieben sich. Nach interner Analyse scheint es so, als wenn die Seiten von eurem System nicht korrekt interpretiert werden (z.B. Doppelseite wird als Einzelseite erkannt oder ähnliches). Prüfung des Problems. Lösung: AS muss neues PDF mit korrekter Reihenfolge hochladen.
WORKLOG-102015-02-12 00:27:570.5000m.chojnacki@iapps-technologies.comPhone call from AS Fakt, problems with first oage and AV Checked, no problems found, informed customer back.
WORKLOG-132015-01-13 15:09:068.0000sebastian.orawiec@iapps-technologies.comchecking of abos of test user - , no onsale date for some newspapers - especialy for GF, fixing webreder validation code in order to handle coruupted data <SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV="" xmlns:ns1="http://profilserver.salt/ProfilserverService/" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:SOAP-ENC="" SOAP-ENV:encodingStyle=""> <SOAP-ENV:Body> <ns1:getOnSaleDatesResponse> <onSaleDates xsi:type="ns1:OnSaleDates"> <onSaleDate xsi:type="xsd:string">VWC_2012-11-08</onSaleDate> <onSaleDate xsi:type="xsd:string">YCL_2012-12-12</onSaleDate> <onSaleDate xsi:type="xsd:string">BOO_2012-12-19</onSaleDate> <onSaleDate xsi:type="xsd:string">SUR_2012-12-19</onSaleDate> <onSaleDate xsi:type="xsd:string">BX1_2013-01-04</onSaleDate> <onSaleDate xsi:type="xsd:string">BOO_2013-01-16</onSaleDate> <onSaleDate xsi:type="xsd:string">BOO_2013-02-20</onSaleDate> <onSaleDate xsi:type="xsd:string">BOO_2013-03-27</onSaleDate> <onSaleDate xsi:type="xsd:string">BOO_2013-04-24</onSaleDate> <onSaleDate xsi:type="xsd:string">BOO_2013-05-22</onSaleDate> <onSaleDate xsi:type="xsd:string">BX1_2013-03-06</onSaleDate> <onSaleDate xsi:type="xsd:string">YCL_2013-05-08</onSaleDate> <onSaleDate xsi:type="xsd:string">BOO_2013-12-18</onSaleDate> <onSaleDate xsi:type="xsd:string">SUR_2013-12-18</onSaleDate> <onSaleDate xsi:type="xsd:string">SUR_2012-12-19</onSaleDate> <onSaleDate xsi:type="xsd:string">BX1_2014-01-08</onSaleDate> <onSaleDate xsi:type="xsd:string">SUR_2013-12-18</onSaleDate> <onSaleDate xsi:type="xsd:string">POC_2013-04-10</onSaleDate> <onSaleDate xsi:type="xsd:string">POC_2013-10-30</onSaleDate> <onSaleDate xsi:type="xsd:string">POK_2014-03-26</onSaleDate> </onSaleDates> </ns1:getOnSaleDatesResponse> </SOAP-ENV:Body> </SOAP-ENV:Envelope>
WORKLOG-132015-01-27 several reports from p4p LIFE. Ordered by Frank Becherer, 27.01. via mail
WORKLOG-142015-01-08 08:59:172.0000p.wichary@iapps-technologies.comProblem with Twitter element in article view - it caused the app to display an empty webview.
WORKLOG-142015-01-08 13:34:100.5000p.wichary@iapps-technologies.comNew Impressum for all apps.
WORKLOG-142015-01-09 prices for 2015 products for Android and Kindle for FAZ and FAS issues. made by PW.
WORKLOG-152014-12-19 15:52:053.0000pawel.szopa@iapps-technologies.comcreating products in itunes for HA/BM for 2015
WORKLOG-152015-01-02 13:26:121.0000sebastian.orawiec@iapps-technologies.comanalysis -- Hi Fridtjof, Question: problem exists in applications (iOS/Android), webreader ? Is it global ? or touch particular system what can points on bug on app side ? After short analysis our back-end code and logs I think problem can be on WAZ abo server side, pls have a look, I took it from logs it's original response from WAZ ABO Server received following json with ABOS {"orders":[{"drerz":"WAZ", "pva":"WAZ126GE", "aboliefb":"2014-07-01 00:00:00", "aboliefe":"2014-12-31 00:00:00"},{"drerz":"WAZ", "pva":"WAZ126GE", "aboliefb":"2014-11-11 00:00:00", "aboliefe":"2014-12-31 00:00:00"}]}|#] Our back-end pass dates as it is , but I'm afraid applications will interpret "aboliefe":"2014-12-31 00:00:00" as todays midnight it should be rather 2014-12-31 23:59:59 of course we can implement some/fix workaround on our side - just transform end date hours 00:00:00 to 23:59:59, but it can be done and the most important test in the next week :/ Best regards Sebastian > Hi iApps team, > > it seems that we have a problem with interpretation of the abo interface vor WAZ? My colleagues told me that they have many customers whose abo ends today (2014-12-31) and who cannot access their edition... > > Is there a misinterpretation for the abo interface so that the last day of the abo is interpreted as "the end day" of the abo? > > Or do we have a different problem at the moment? > > Best regards > Fridtjof >
WORKLOG-152015-01-02 13:50:405.0000m.chojnacki@iapps-technologies.com0800 - Funke Media Grouppe call: WAZ, NRZ, WR , WP, IKZ crash at app start Actions taken: json and covers regeneration (TS+MC), App tests in debug mode (DD) shown that there is an error in library used for rss news feed (crash for categories wjich contained a single item) We sent info to customer, Fridtjof enlarged max-age parameter value for the rss feed and everything started to work
WORKLOG-152015-01-02 21:21:494.0000sebastian.orawiec@iapps-technologies.comprocessing of edition from 2014.12.17 see We had to delete a photo from editions of 17th December. I changed that PDF page in all issues of WAZ, NRZ, WR, WP and IKZ. This works for the apps. Can you please restart processing for the webreader editions of 17th December again so that the photo does no more appear in the webreader?
WORKLOG-152015-01-05 - helping Fridtjof to configure PrintAbo for old HA/BM Kindle Apps ( some codes did not work )
WORKLOG-152015-01-05 time from previous entry corrected
WORKLOG-152015-01-10 16:37:3912.0000tomasz.szmandra@iapps-technologies.comExport/Import HA/BM between p4p and iKiosk.
WORKLOG-152015-02-26 16:22:501.0000sebastian.orawiec@iapps-technologies.comcustomer didn't craeted txt files in order to start processing fix&investigation hi, editions are processed and added to p4p > hi, > > In order to inform p4p platform about new files You need to create txt file on ftp server when You'are exporting for today's editions for HA it's HA_2015_02_26.txt, for BM: BM_2015_02_26.txt , after this platform will download HA and BM editions. I did it already and as I can see > > p4p platform is processing HA edition , so both ha and BM should be available soon I will let You know. > 2015-02-26 00:21:13: found zip file: /ftpaccounts/hamburger-abendblatt6909/ > 2015-02-26 00:21:13: start - merge pdf files > 2015-02-26 00:21:22: end - merge pdf files > 2015-02-26 00:21:22: pdf for Hamburger Abendblatt [id=1681, company=Hamburger Abendblatt (new) [id=167]] - time to publish: 04:00, publish: false > > Best regards > Sebastian > >> Hello, we will check what's going on >>> Dear colleagues, >>> >>> almost three hours after our export BERLINER MORGENPOST still hasn't arrived in iApps. We tried to export again several times to no effect. >>> >>> The problem appears to occur for HAMBURGER ABENDBLATT, too. >>> >>> Best regards, >>> Tobias Paul
WORKLOG-152015-03-13 11:51:230.5000rafal.porwol@iapps-technologies.comGenerate an IAP package with new prices for HA Kindle, and send it to Amazon ( Paul Hampton ) for processing.
WORKLOG-152015-03-17 12:22:111.0000michal.ucieszynski@iapps-technologies.comHamburger Abendblatt - missing issues for 17/03/2015 (they wasn't uploaded at night). Analysis, support, rights management.
WORKLOG-152015-03-20 00:55:422.0000sebastian.orawiec@iapps-technologies.comrollback production system settings prepared for lunch new version of HA due problems on customer side, - Time x2 due work at night --- Hi Fridtjof, It seems HA is affected as well. We don't have toc files... for HA. I can see data delivered by TVM @AS FTP, so we downloaded it and processed in order to ensure today's HA edition availability, when we'll get data system update and publish edition again. Best Seba
WORKLOG-152015-03-21 00:59:222.0000sebastian.orawiec@iapps-technologies.comnew HA roll out - troubleshooting ---- Hi, In main HA edition we don't have pages 20 and 21 in toc this same pdf is responsible for both missing pages (seems to be panorama page ) Missing pdf name PROD-210315-HA-020-HA_1_HP1-VERS-X30-E. here part of toc file HA-20150321-HA_1_HP1.txt 20<>PROD-210315-HA-020-HA_1_HP1-VERS-X30-E<>bp<>4192254_1 21<>PROD-210315-HA-020-HA_1_HP1-VERS-X30-E<>bc<>4192255_1 This file PROD-210315-HA-020-HA_1_HP1-VERS-X30-E* is not present at sta and prod :/ ls -l PROD-210315-HA-020-HA_1_HP1-VERS-X30-E* ls: cannot access PROD-210315-HA-020-HA_1_HP1-VERS-X30-E*: No such file or directory Pls deliver missing page and start again processing by uploading txt file 2103_HA.txt in fmg-nord-xml directory Thx!
WORKLOG-162015-03-09 Customer reported "ID" problems with fotoMAGAZIN Result: The effected App in not from iApps Hallo Florian, Ich kann die ID nicht aktivieren. Kannst Du bitte mal nachschauen, was da los ist. Vielen Dank. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Sybille Hagen
WORKLOG-172015-03-02 09:28:480.3333tomasz.szmandra@iapps-technologies.com Check missing supplement for NP 2015-02-28 - customer didn't send it (missing data in package)
WORKLOG-172015-03-02 11:13:3620.0000sebastian.orawiec@iapps-technologies.comrelease NP and HAZ - NW - problems with MOL data 2 persons a 5 hours out of businnes ours (x2) = 20h ----- Hi Mirek, hi Sebastian, first of all thank you for your replies last night / this morning! As a brief explanation why there was this much “unplanned activity” on our side: The data we received from digital newspaper production to start with MOL`s E-Paper workflows (which in the end delivers data to P4P) was not correct this night. This happened for first time since months in this dramatic way. So we had two options (honestly there was only one). 1) reject the data. As a result there would not have been issues in the whole E-Paper (apps + browser E-Paper as well) today at all. Extremely bad on a launch day 2) try a manually quick fix the data The decision was clear but while doing so the creation process of .zip-files on a Mac caused this temporarily processing-stop on P4P platform. THANK YOU Sebastian for investigating that fast. Great to work with you guys!
WORKLOG-172015-03-10 09:35:154.0000b.pelc@iapps-technologies.com2x1h + 100% = 4h Userbeschwerde wegen langen Ladezeiten, dabei hat die hAZ Samstagsausgabe 37MB, 4x so viel wie andere. Tests der Verbindungen.Ursachesuche.
WORKLOG-182015-03-05 20:51:511.5000tomasz.szmandra@iapps-technologies.comCheck, add and publish "Beilage" issue 2015-03-06 Few problems: 1. Customer upload zip to "Handelsblatt" ftp account, not into "Beilage" ftp 2. Some value in content.xml make problem with our logic to build pdf
WORKLOG-192015-01-09 09:33:152.0000p.wichary@iapps-technologies.comDisable EOL, make new enterprise apps, create a distribution links.
WORKLOG-22015-01-02 13:42:111.0000sebastian.orawiec@iapps-technologies.comshared Bilnaz issue for customer ---- Sebastian, That would be great. Thank you. Looking forward to the download link then. Best, Katja -----Ursprüngliche Nachricht----- Bilanz Nr. 25 - noch nicht geliefert Hello Katja, > Hello Sebastian, > > Thank you for your reply. I am reaching out for your help at iApps since a customer has an issue we would need to solve quickly. > > The customer reports a problem with an folder where he usually was able to access the iPad version of Bilanz. unfortunately this folder seems to be out of iApps access it's something internal on Your side, but as I can see Bilznz 25-16/14 is published on our side 12.12.2014, so I can send You pdf from our platform or I can put it somewhere on our side and You can download it, Is it OK for You ? Best regards Sebastian > He cannot find/access the latest iPad version of Bilanz with no. 25-26/14 incl. Who is Who. > > In the past, my colleague Franziska, who is now on holidays, just provided a link for the customer to access the iPad version. But where can I find it? Can you provide it to me?
WORKLOG-22015-01-05 15:55:211.0000p.wichary@iapps-technologies.comHallo Pawel I have just seen in the Apple Developer Center in „Certificates“ that our apps have the status "invalid". Do I need to review the certificates and the provisioning profiles and send them to you? Best regards Franziska
WORKLOG-22015-01-22 10:45:264.0000szymon.kolodziej@iapps-technologies.comProblem with WEFM report generation on p4p LIFE (iKiosk) reported by .
WORKLOG-212015-01-22 all single prices from ZEIT epaper (3,49€ -> 3,99€)Android App. Ordered by Celine Jungbluth, done by Rafal Porwol
WORKLOG-212015-02-17 single prices from 4,49€ to 3,99€ for all 2015´Kindle products - ordered by Celine Jungbluth. Changes made by RP.
WORKLOG-232015-03-12 18:44:413.0000b.pelc@iapps-technologies.comI checked it and here what I found: There is no "Ausgabe {month}/{year}" info in description field. Instead of this we can find description: "Sonderheft Smartphones" which cannot be parsed correctly. Change it to Ausgabe nn/2015 and this should work Finally: Special issue was added to database manually by iApps
WORKLOG-242015-01-19 16:35:214.0000sebastian.orawiec@iapps-technologies.comproblem with processing , caused by bad content delivery -- > > Hello, > > the Problem should be fixed now. > The reason was a shuted down server. The source (PPI) wanted to deliver the Data to Methode and to i-apps. > As the methode Server was broken the Data was continuily send to both targets, so i-apps got the same pages over and over again. > The Methode server is fixed and the delivery from PPI should be working fine tonight. > > Greetings, > > Marcus Winter > > > ___________________________________________ > FUNKE SERVICE GmbH & Co. KG > Abteilung Anwendungssysteme > Gruppe Contentmanagementservice > > Tel.: +49 201 804-2039 > Fax: +49 201 804-1692 > E-Mail: > > FUNKE SERVICE GmbH > Friedrichstraße 34 – 38, 45128 Essen > Sitz Essen, Registergericht Essen HRA 9680 > persönlich haftende Gesellschafterin: WAZ IT Solutions Verwaltungs GmbH > Sitz Essen, Registergericht Essen HRB 23241 > Geschäftsführer: Michael Kurowski, Michael Wüller > > > Von: Sebastian Orawiec <> > An:,, 'Fridtjof Ebel' <> > Kopie: "" <>, Hans-Günther Brosius <>, "Bogdan Pelc (iApps)" <> > Datum: 19.01.2015 06:06 > Betreff: WAZ PDF processing problem > > > > > Hi, > > Your system is still sending to us these same pages for edition 19.01 - looks like infinite loop , pls have a look, additionally attached full log from our FTP > > Mon Jan 19 05:21:24 2015 0 1385447 /ftpaccounts/waz/ b _ i r waz ftp 0 * c > Mon Jan 19 05:21:45 2015 0 996146 /ftpaccounts/waz/1901.P980HI.PHAP1_Mo.20150118235917.pdf b _ i r waz ftp 0 * c > Mon Jan 19 05:22:07 2015 0 679657 /ftpaccounts/waz/1901.R477IM_1.RIS_1.20150118233846.pdf b _ i r waz ftp 0 * c > Mon Jan 19 05:22:28 2015 0 672116 /ftpaccounts/waz/1901.W125DO_1.WSV_124b.20150119003548.pdf b _ i r waz ftp 0 * c > Mon Jan 19 05:22:50 2015 0 671911 /ftpaccounts/waz/1901.W125DO_1.WSV_124b.20150119002049.pdf b _ i r waz ftp 0 * c > Mon Jan 19 05:23:11 2015 0 703438 /ftpaccounts/waz/1901.R449S.RSV_149b.20150119004545.pdf b _ i r waz ftp 0 * c > Mon Jan 19 05:23:33 2015 0 702480 /ftpaccounts/waz/1901.R449S.RSV_149b.20150119003717.pdf b _ i r waz ftp 0 * c > Mon Jan 19 05:24:14 2015 0 703438 /ftpaccounts/waz/1901.R449S.RSV_149b.20150119004230.pdf b _ i r waz ftp 0 * c > Mon Jan 19 05:24:35 2015 0 687383 /ftpaccounts/waz/1901.I692IH.IIS_1.20150118233946.pdf b _ i r waz ftp 0 * c > Mon Jan 19 05:24:57 2015 0 970853 /ftpaccounts/waz/1901.R480HH.RHAP1_Mo.20150119000017.pdf b _ i r waz ftp 0 * c > Mon Jan 19 05:25:18 2015 0 971606 /ftpaccounts/waz/1901.R480HH.RHAP1_Mo.20150119000418.pdf b _ i r waz ftp 0 * c > Mon Jan 19 05:25:40 2015 0 672118 /ftpaccounts/waz/1901.W125DO_1.WSV_124b.20150119003146.pdf b _ i r waz ftp 0 * c > Mon Jan 19 05:26:01 2015 0 703424 /ftpaccounts/waz/1901.R449S.RSV_149b.20150119004257.pdf b _ i r waz ftp 0 * c > Mon Jan 19 05:26:23 2015 0 79915 /ftpaccounts/waz/ b _ i r waz ftp 0 * c > Mon Jan 19 05:26:44 2015 0 687379 /ftpaccounts/waz/1901.I692IH.IIS_1.20150118233845.pdf b _ i r waz ftp 0 * c > Mon Jan 19 05:27:06 2015 0 672122 /ftpaccounts/waz/1901.W125DO_1.WSV_124b.20150119003054.pdf b _ i r waz ftp 0 * c > Mon Jan 19 05:27:27 2015 0 563211 /ftpaccounts/waz/1901.R477IM_1.RIS_3.20150118234615.pdf b _ i r waz ftp 0 * c > Mon Jan 19 05:27:48 2015 0 703437 /ftpaccounts/waz/1901.R449S.RSV_149b.20150119004046.pdf b _ i r waz ftp 0 * c > Mon Jan 19 05:28:10 2015 0 0 /ftpaccounts/waz/1901.txt b _ i r waz ftp 0 * c > > > first processing at 00:10 finished with status Warning (two missing pages), we created report about that as usual > -rw-r--r-- 1 glassfish glassfish 44 Jan 19 00:30 1901.MISSINGPAGES.201501190020.txt > with info about two missing pages > 1901.W125DO_1.WSV_124b. > 1901.R449S.RSV_149b. , > so we expected that Your system will send only these two missing pages, but we can see much more or sometimes this same page sending n-times with different time stamp, for example: > > Mon Jan 19 05:22:28 2015 0 672116 /ftpaccounts/waz/1901.W125DO_1.WSV_124b.20150119003548.pdf b _ i r waz ftp 0 * c > Mon Jan 19 05:22:50 2015 0 671911 /ftpaccounts/waz/1901.W125DO_1.WSV_124b.20150119002049.pdf b _ i r waz ftp 0 * c > > toc file and txt file 1901.txt (processing initiator) was delivered many times as well, so we started building of WAZ editions this night 28 times ! Building still this same editions (because pages for them were changing). > This situation blocked our processing queue causing WAZ editions delay, right now everything for 19.01 is published. > Processing from Your side is blocked by us, You can't start it putting txt file. Please clarify problem on Your side.
WORKLOG-242015-01-22 14:24:168.0000sebastian.orawiec@iapps-technologies.comWAZCC-227 Different interpretation of abo interface data
WORKLOG-242015-02-23 01:09:218.0000sebastian.orawiec@iapps-technologies.comwaz covers for 5 editions --- Hi Fridtjof, here You can find covers for: IKZ691IZ IKZ Iserlohn NRZ913RT NRZ Essen-Rüttenscheid WAZ113RD WAZ Essen-Rüttenscheid WP974HG WP Hagen-Süd WR425D WR Dortmund-Süd II How to build link for edition cover:<newspapercode>_YYYY_MM_DD.jpg for example here cover for today's IKZ Iserlohn
WORKLOG-242015-02-23 23:44:260.5000m.chojnacki@iapps-technologies.comWelcome message in webreader. Consulting, creating admin user on sta.
WORKLOG-252014-12-19 12:26:344.0000sebastian.orawiec@iapps-technologies.comcleaning old data for newspapers , moving to the external disk)
WORKLOG-252014-12-19 12:28:252.0000sebastian.orawiec@iapps-technologies.comSAS-443 API User doesn't get publishing dates for the two article view titles user support clarification
WORKLOG-252014-12-19 15:14:481.0000hg.brosius@iapps-technologies.comKoordination : Festplatte von Boreus abholen lassen und nach Hetzner senden lassen.
WORKLOG-252015-01-02 13:12:232.0000sebastian.orawiec@iapps-technologies.comverifivcation and export from old FTP ========= Good morning, files for "missing" editions are uploaded to old iKiosk servers, after migration which took place 01.12.2014 all customers HAVE TO upload content to new ftp server NOT here , we can't guarantee in 100% automatic transfer from old to new platform, moreover old platform will be switch off soon. Wirtschaftswoche should be available until 30-40min, I will let You know in separate e-mail, ------------ Guten Morgen, die Ausgabe der Wirtschaftswoche im iKiosk (Web+App) ist alt. Es wird die Ausgabe 50 angezeigt; es müsste aber bereits die Ausgabe 52 kaufbar sein. Können Sie das bitte prüfen? Danke und einen guten Rutsch, Ute Wilken
WORKLOG-252015-01-02 13:13:492.0000sebastian.orawiec@iapps-technologies.comcheck &verification - excport ---- Hello, We found it on old ikiosk servers, it's copied to new server and processed, one remark I noticed all files it means fliegermagazin and swissboat..had wrong permissions, it's not a big problem for our processing because we have mechanism which can correct it. However it was a reason why filegermagazin wasn't copied from "old" servers automatically . Best Sebastian > Hello Tobias, > > I'm checking it right now, I'll let You know asap > > Best > Sebastian >> Hello Sebastian, >> >> may i ask you to have a look ? >> >> Thank you very much, >> Tobias >> >> >>> Am 30.12.2014 um 11:34 schrieb Wilken, Ute <>: >>> >>> Hallo zusammen, >>> >>> die aktuelle Ausgabe des Fliegermagazins (1/2015 vom 16.12.2014) fehlt im iKiosk (Web + App). >>> >>> Im iKiosk ist nur die letzte Ausgabe 12/2014 zu finden.
WORKLOG-252015-01-02 missing swissboat yachting we found as well ....edition from August...! @old servers this same situation .rft istead of txt file ... both editions published. root@ikiosk-be1:/ftpaccounts/yachting-swissboat# ls -l total 49552 drwxr-xr-x 2 glassfish glassfish 4096 Mar 4 2014 corrupted -rw-r--r-- 1 1533 glassfish 50728784 Aug 13 11:41 YachtingSwissboat_2014_08_19.pdf -rw-r--r-- 1 1533 glassfish 178 Aug 13 11:41 YachtingSwissboat_2014_08_19.rtf
WORKLOG-252015-01-02 13:22:272.0000sebastian.orawiec@iapps-technologies.comHello, We found it on old ikiosk servers, it's copied to new server and processed, one remark I noticed all files it means fliegermagazin and swissboat..had wrong permissions, it's not a big problem for our processing because we have mechanism which can correct it. However it was a reason why filegermagazin wasn't copied from "old" servers automatically . Best Sebastian > Hello Tobias, > > I'm checking it right now, I'll let You know asap > > Best > Sebastian >> Hello Sebastian, >> >> may i ask you to have a look ? >> >> Thank you very much, >> Tobias >> >> >>> Am 30.12.2014 um 11:34 schrieb Wilken, Ute <>: >>> >>> Hallo zusammen, >>> >>> die aktuelle Ausgabe des Fliegermagazins (1/2015 vom 16.12.2014) fehlt im iKiosk (Web + App). >>> >>> Im iKiosk ist nur die letzte Ausgabe 12/2014 zu finden. >>> >>> Bitte prüfen. >>> >>> Danke und schöne Grüße, >>> Ute Wilken >>>
WORKLOG-252015-01-02 17:40:520.5000sebastian.orawiec@iapps-technologies.comcheck --- Hello, I can see last upload on 08.12.2014 , nothing more. Mon Dec 08 11:01:53 2014 2 61016287 /data/ftpaccounts/freundin/freundin_2014_12_17.pdf b _ i r freundin ftp 0 * c Mon Dec 08 11:01:56 2014 0 0 /data/ftpaccounts/freundin/freundin_2014_12_17.txt a _ i r freundin ftp 0 * c 1130815 Axel Springer freundin 2014-12-17 00:05:29 Pdf freundin_2014_12_17.pdf was published -- Best regards Sebastian Orawiec iApps Technologies GmbH Alte Papierfarbrik 26 40699 Erkrath Potsdamer Str. 86 10785 Berlin, Germany mail: > Hallo zusammen, > > > > die Ausgabe 2/2015 vom Titel Freundin fehlt im iKiosk (Web + App). EVT war der 31.12.2014. > > > > Bitte prüfen. > > > > Danke und schöne Grüße, > > Ute Wilken
WORKLOG-252015-01-05 18:07:580.5000tomasz.szmandra@iapps-technologies.comNew product ids excel file
WORKLOG-252015-01-30 19:53:110.5000tomasz.szmandra@iapps-technologies.comNew product ids excel file (request from email from Barbara Lutz)
WORKLOG-252015-02-04 12:01:581.0000tomasz.szmandra@iapps-technologies.comRequest from email: {quote} Hi Tomek, thanks for the list. I identified four Ids that have been sold in iTunes in January but did not appear in the list: de.ipadpdf.EuroamSonntag.2015_01_18_03 de.ipadpdf.EuroamSonntag.2015_01_11_02 de.ipadpdf.androiduser.2014_03_06_04 de.ipadpdf.euroamsonntag.2015_01_04_01 Do you have an idea how this is possible? @Barbara: I think we also had a JIRA ticket regarding this issue back in December. Do you know what happened to that? Best regards Stefan {quote}
WORKLOG-252015-02-22 14:30:304.0000b.pelc@iapps-technologies.comAIDA cused DDOS, the api4pdf was for 12 hours not resposive. Anylising the case, serachin in logs. Finding the reason - AIDA.
WORKLOG-252015-02-23 09:06:314.0000b.pelc@iapps-technologies.comAdditional ongoing work on AIDA case, we had to block them in the night. Temat: Re: AW: Störung iApps Schnittstelle Data: Sat, 21 Feb 2015 10:42:14 +0100 Nadawca: Sebastian Orawiec <> Adresat: Lutz, Barbara <> Hi Barbara, We detected what exactly happened from AIDA side it seems they in infinite loop was downloading the newest Brigitte edition , about 19500 times 20.02.2015 and over 7000 times after midnight till 1:15 today. This Brigitte file has 79MB, but if someone is trying get in thousands times :) ..We had to block them. Right now I unblocked access and we will see if this strange transfer still persist. • editionName: "Brigitte_2015_02_18.pdf", • editionId: 222977, • editionDate: "2015-02-18 00:00", • editionCover: "", • editionBigCover: "", • lastReleaseDate: "2015-02-19 10:18" },
WORKLOG-252015-02-23 23:11:191.0000michal.ucieszynski@iapps-technologies.comPrevent AIDA from saturate our bandwidth out by getting Brigitte in infinite loop. It looks like, they even can't handle such load of data.
WORKLOG-252015-03-02 21:40:410.5000tomasz.szmandra@iapps-technologies.comNew product ids excel file (request from email from Barbara Lutz)
WORKLOG-252015-03-17 13:00:111.0000michal.ucieszynski@iapps-technologies.comMissing part Berliner Morgenpost Saturday / Sunday Carriere: From: Lutz, Barbara <> To: Tomasz Szmandra <> Hi Tom, could you check with BM if they forgot to upload a carriere part last weekend? Or hasn’t it been published maybe? Thanks! ----------------------------- Check, analysis, looking for reason. Replied: Karriere was ready and published on our PDF Platform at 2015-03-14 23:22, but it looks like it wasn't exported to iKiosk.
WORKLOG-252015-03-20 14:48:321.5000michal.ucieszynski@iapps-technologies.comOn 20 March 2015 at 11:08, Lutz, Barbara <> wrote: Hi Michal, one last question: could you tell, how often this happens? Best regards, Barbara ------------------------------- Made report since 2015 for Karriere and Immobilien
WORKLOG-312015-01-09 10:34:331.0000p.wichary@iapps-technologies.comProducts for 2015 year
WORKLOG-312015-02-12 00:25:431.5000m.chojnacki@iapps-technologies.comNo issues delivered to API After alarm checking API, sending email and waiting for content delivery After all succesfully publishing the content
WORKLOG-312015-03-16 16:03:482.0000b.pelc@iapps-technologies.comHallo Monika Wir wollten Euch auf Folgendes aufmerksam machen, was uns bei der FR aufgefallen ist: 14.3.die erste FR Ausgabe stand zur Verfügung erst um 4:32 statt 4.01 am Samstag davor 14.3 die Stadtausgabe stand zur Verfügung erst um 6:31 statt 5:02 vor einer Woche 14.3 die Ausgabe war 80MB gross (normal sind 40MB bis jetzt gewesen) Kannst du dem bitte auf den Grund gehen? Wird es kommenden Samstag auch so sein? Gab es eine Umstellung bei Euch? Viele Grüße aus Berlin!
WORKLOG-332015-01-05 via Skype and mail by Rafal Porwol 25.12. 1h + 100% 26.12. 1h + 100% 29.12. 2.5h 30.12. 1h 31.12. 0.5h
WORKLOG-332015-01-06 22:55:005.0000tomasz.szmandra@iapps-technologies.comPOST-Edition check/fix
WORKLOG-332015-01-08 16:31:063.0000tomasz.szmandra@iapps-technologies.comHandle different pdf file name when UPDATE pdf Prospekte
WORKLOG-332015-01-09 16:58:4712.0000d.danielczyk@iapps-technologies.comHelp Clapp to localize and fix problems with our engine integration. No fault on our side.
WORKLOG-332015-01-09 17:23:421.0000sebastian.orawiec@iapps-technologies.comchecking api for RP - problem reported by HG issues downloaded in 100% but sometimes not opening - disgnosis , api ok , bug in app
WORKLOG-332015-01-13 12:12:450.7500tomasz.szmandra@iapps-technologies.com Check why title of pdf not update - because customer don't upload new version to our ftp. Our system works properly.
WORKLOG-332015-01-13 13:31:532.0000tomasz.szmandra@iapps-technologies.comSend email notification about missing BEZ codes in mapping
WORKLOG-332015-01-16 12:08:164.0000tomasz.szmandra@iapps-technologies.comChange logic for prepare pdf for edition. Sort products for edition using "PrProductTypNo".
WORKLOG-332015-01-21 17:40:093.5000tomasz.szmandra@iapps-technologies.com1. Upload and check 50_Jahre_HHU.pdf to all PDF Place Prospekte 2. Upload for 22.01 the same pdf for all PDF Place Prospekte
WORKLOG-332015-02-06 14:33:223.0000tomasz.szmandra@iapps-technologies.comMissing code for RP Mettmann in xml for issue 2015-02-06 Searching what is wrong. Result: RP Mettmann generally has in XML code (D-ME).... but for today issue it is missing and I found something like this (codes: D-ME1 and D-ME2) {code:xml} <Edition Name="D-ME1" EditionNo="31"> <PrProductKey Id="1056029" OrderNo="2"/> <BarCodeDetails BarCodeType="2005-WT" Pricing="1" EditionNo="0" Tax="9" Country="41" Price="140" EanCode="06728" /> <BarCodeDetails BarCodeType="2005-SA" Pricing="2" EditionNo="0" Tax="9" Country="41" Price="170" EanCode="06728" /> </Edition> <Edition Name="D-ME2" EditionNo="31"> <PrProductKey Id="1056009" OrderNo="2"/> <BarCodeDetails BarCodeType="2005-WT" Pricing="1" EditionNo="0" Tax="9" Country="41" Price="140" EanCode="06728" /> <BarCodeDetails BarCodeType="2005-SA" Pricing="2" EditionNo="0" Tax="9" Country="41" Price="170" EanCode="06728" /> </Edition> {code}
WORKLOG-332015-02-26 10:08:311.0000tomasz.szmandra@iapps-technologies.comProblem with prospekte pdf files: 4013321.1.pdf 4013326.1.pdf from package: RBDV-RP_2015-02-25_140000007270.tar.gz Customer upload pdf with 30MB first page and p4p had problem with create cover.
WORKLOG-332015-03-18 09:09:250.5000tomasz.szmandra@iapps-technologies.comProblem with BEZ Codes for pdf 4051323.1.pdf (uploaded 2015-03-17) Problem was with whitespaces between codes, like "1;2;3; 4; 5; 6" (always was "1;2;3;4;5;6") I had to change our code to trim whitespaces, redeploy new version and preprocessed again the package with this pdf.
WORKLOG-332015-03-30 10:53:490.5000tomasz.szmandra@iapps-technologies.comProblem with BEZ Codes for pdf 4016063.1.pdf (uploaded 2015-03-27) 1752217640 -> 17522;17640
WORKLOG-42015-01-02 , server problems , checking , restart needed , reanimation
WORKLOG-42015-01-07 , problem diagnostic, switch from appstar-1 to appstar-2, verification, client support
WORKLOG-42015-01-07 15:19:012.0000sebastian.orawiec@iapps-technologies.comproblem with disk controler, disgnosis, server reanimation
WORKLOG-42015-01-08 13:16:390.5000sebastian.orawiec@iapps-technologies.comHi Flo, works , below entries from logs and db, TEST message (sent today) marked as sent it means processed id: 14 message: TEST timemask: 201501081137 messagetype: 1 sent: 1 below logs, we sent for 11 devices (somebody has chosen sending for admins) for 4 devices I can see problems, but problems are behind us , for example WARN ApplePushManager:133 - invalid token 5939f7b68586f26292cf6e1f66bff8beafda3b6d4dbd784fd2497f7c45a98c9e - we suspect it can be version of app installed not from store but via hockey ? very old app version and adhoc cert is invalid..expired - Pawel can tell more about it , we need more details (udids of devices) who didn't receive ? 11:37:00,005 INFO Push:195 - processing schedule 14 11:37:00,064 INFO Push:161 - adding to queue e294f2ac95715276c90e837b33d1c38c 11:37:00,065 INFO Push:167 - adding to queue for android df4b2022d6bd2e34b3c8380ed1e336c3 11:37:00,065 INFO Push:161 - adding to queue 0e49765a6d588c11d97f85e7b8e20d32 11:37:00,065 INFO Push:161 - adding to queue d0ab44a8dd2233b1e2a8b07e2b9e9d65 11:37:00,065 INFO Push:161 - adding to queue ad0eb6f50a487107492bf549a01045e2 11:37:00,065 INFO Push:167 - adding to queue for android b7c6704ecdd45d64f1ca93e25ef47a70 11:37:00,066 INFO Push:167 - adding to queue for android c12898fc2530a3c79f0973d89088bc65 11:37:00,066 INFO Push:167 - adding to queue for android aed80205058f00efef5238f4fedf4a63 11:37:00,066 INFO Push:167 - adding to queue for android 748d05bbf4f1f720505d8ebf8b83ab60 11:37:00,066 INFO Push:167 - adding to queue for android 9506cd770a835cd1ed95d4cacab9352c 11:37:00,066 INFO Push:161 - adding to queue b9bcb5c58d1785ceb2099f91dcfb491c 11:37:06,767 INFO ApplePushManager:126 - Push notification sent successfully to: 58753eeb7db1ff2282ea12ba5ae9768911896a6d101f83408cd9de375e65bc46 11:37:06,767 WARN ApplePushManager:133 - invalid token 5939f7b68586f26292cf6e1f66bff8beafda3b6d4dbd784fd2497f7c45a98c9e 11:37:06,767 ERROR ApplePushManager:136 - javapns.notification.exceptions.ErrorResponsePacketReceivedException: An error response packet was recei 11:37:06,767 ERROR ApplePushManager:142 - APNS: [2] Invalid token 11:37:06,768 WARN ApplePushManager:133 - invalid token 1555becb395480cb848064cc6f5328afc1b7ae714e1dfecb283e209de80d597a 11:37:06,768 ERROR ApplePushManager:136 - javapns.notification.exceptions.ErrorResponsePacketReceivedException: An error response packet was recei 11:37:06,768 ERROR ApplePushManager:142 - APNS: [3] Invalid token 11:37:06,768 INFO ApplePushManager:126 - Push notification sent successfully to: b2e9372722ebda609fac24b94277f637cb3117ce1df059d4906977f318acd69f 11:37:06,768 INFO ApplePushManager:126 - Push notification sent successfully to: 9a5b695b30af3faaedce674e3f65c4124ec43ef57119e0557fc25e06f48630e7 11:37:06,768 INFO AndroidPushManager:49 - start sending normal pushes 11:37:06,769 INFO AndroidPushManager:83 - Asynchronously sending 1 multicast messages to 6 devices 11:37:06,769 INFO AndroidPushManager:51 - start sending newsstand pushes 11:37:06,966 INFO AndroidPushManager:157 - Succesfully sent message to device: APA91bHgdWLAiogVruRPR-D_FW0ZhOlBcoGYdn-PIqyvqSMQUkyOpib1aflcZEcA0D 11:37:06,966 INFO AndroidPushManager:172 - Unregistered device: APA91bEZN63vm47uOkeLficJ43l8J8mFgxBxl0EZB8wcyqYRhUeVhEhDbCiQy_2L83aexzMB4IYadSdxT 11:37:06,966 INFO AndroidPushManager:157 - Succesfully sent message to device: APA91bFIZVSDZYn3_LkjvqElUmX4A0cDSxyRZflD6xlZVMJ-MSM2_SlvR8gfW5hPl0 11:37:06,966 INFO AndroidPushManager:172 - Unregistered device: APA91bFixcRIJ8QTauMtra70wyQfqM7LHtLvJZNKA34QzF_7hwsXEWavenCCjFG8K9Qf4KdPJ_ubUPYXJ 11:37:06,966 INFO AndroidPushManager:157 - Succesfully sent message to device: APA91bG6skkMgMNBjMpVtCqRFz7l29yyQP3p67-QQHYeWF8oDbSWzfY2HfXeGCRtHG 11:37:06,966 INFO AndroidPushManager:172 - Unregistered device: APA91bEEbeuL7gtTS3lknTiY2mezAtuasRRXnVoXYeKkWVW-qf-sRU7Cmr5J > Hi Seba, > > AppAdvisor reported that push messages currently doesn't work in AktuelleStunde App. > Could you please have a look. > > > > regards > flo > > >> Am 08.01.2015 um 11:55 schrieb Michael Reuter <>: >> >> Hi Florian, >> >> der WDR sagt, dass die Push Notifications der Aktuelle Stunde Direkt App nicht funktionieren. >> Kannst Du das bitte checken lassen? >> >> Danke Dir >> Michael >> >
WORKLOG-42015-01-20 17:31:436.0000michal.ucieszynski@iapps-technologies.comappstar-1 - configuration: - OS installation - Stress tests - SW installation - User creation - FW configuration
WORKLOG-42015-01-21 15:48:418.0000michal.ucieszynski@iapps-technologies.comappstar-1 - restore of database replication + database optimization
WORKLOG-42015-01-23 15:33:334.0000michal.ucieszynski@iapps-technologies.comappstar-1: - apache configuration - proftpd configuration - mongodb configuration - mongodb backup
WORKLOG-42015-02-02 13:28:266.0000michal.ucieszynski@iapps-technologies.comappstar-1 & appstar-2 FS synchronization and verification
WORKLOG-42015-02-04 13:54:142.0000michal.ucieszynski@iapps-technologies.comOk, I'll keep my eyes on it. I've already done some optimizations on servers. Best regards On 4 February 2015 at 09:12, Michael Reuter <> wrote: Hi Michal, could you please check what's the problem with and It's down again. I'll restart the server now. We will have an event tomorrow - so it is very important that the site is up and running. Many thanks Michael
WORKLOG-42015-02-13 Hi Michael , pls have a look seems to be OK. best Seba > Hi Seba, > the SYAA website shows stränge / incorrect special characters > e.g.: > > > Die Show your App Award Jury vergab im M?nchner Park Caf? die Preise f?r die besten Apps 2015. Zudem vergaben 98.000 Voter drei Publikums-Preise ?ber ein Internet-Voting. > > Could you fix that? > Thank you > Michael
WORKLOG-42015-02-27 22:40:121.0000sebastian.orawiec@iapps-technologies.compreparing data for WDR for 20140623 regarding this request --- Anfang der weitergeleiteten Nachricht: Von: Michael Reuter <> Betreff: Frage zu einem bestimmten Event in der Datenbank er AKS App Datum: 27. Februar 2015 12:31:48 MEZ An: Florian Wien <> Hi Florian, eine Redakteurin des WDR rief an. Sie benötigt folgende Info: Fotos/Videos/Comments: Es geht um den Eingang von Nachrichten oder Bildern über unsere App in Bezug auf einen Learjet-Absturz in Elpe im Sauerland, am frühen Nachmittag des 23. Juni 2014. Kannst Du mir weiterhelfen?
WORKLOG-42015-03-10 09:28:462.0000michal.ucieszynski@iapps-technologies.comCheck what causes problem with load on appstar-2. Created script with should prevent such situations.